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The return of the manual typewriter?

Many former secretaries, especially those suffering from repetitive strain injury, may be astounded to learn of the possibility of a comeback for the manual typewriter. The Daily Telegraph this week published three pictures of so-called hipsters using manual typewriters in public.

Could this be a comeback for a machine that was swept away by a digital electronic word processing revolution?
Whilst it may appear ‘cool hipsterish’ to be seen tapping away at a manual typewriter, even small portable typewriters are lets face it a nuisance to carry around. One of the major problems with the old style typewriter in comparison to the modern word processing software, is that when you make an error, you have to resort to tipex or tipex paper to go back over the mistake, and this tends to leave your nice looking script a little messy, unless that has as well become trendy.

Last year the Daily Telegraph on this same hipster theme, claimed that the hip kids had re-launched the manual typewriter. In their piece, reporters Olivia Goldhill and Helena Kealey, also mentioned that the Russian Federal Protective Service had ordered 20 manual typewriters, apparently reflecting the widespread concern that today’s networked computers are just unable to keep data secure.

I wonder if it will become hip to also touch type and give our the two index fingers a break? ASDF JKL