Introducing the Dronie

Drone related stories in the media seem to have become a regular occurrence, and today was no exception. In today’s Daily Telegraph, journalist Hugh Morris sought to christen the next big photo craze – the Dronie. Morris believes the selfie has already become old hat, and soon we will all be wanting Dronies – pictures taken of us from above.
Morris reports that already a company in New Zealand is providing skiers and snowboarders with the opportunity of having their own drone produced video; and in the French ski resort of Val Thorens a drone with an operator can be rented out for the bargain price of 50 euros for 10 minutes!

Meanwhile, today’s Independent reports that a UK engineering company, Malloy Aeronautics, are working to create a functional hoverbike called a quadrocopter to actually carry a human being. Remember the flying skateboard in the film Back to the Future, and you get the idea.

1_3rd_Grass_cropped (2)

In order to raise money for the quadrocopter project the company are selling a one third the size drone like version. Besides raising much needed finance the drone sized version is built to show that the concept actually will work. I wonder what the CAA would say – perhaps not that you won’t be able to take a dronie if you are sitting on the thing!


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