Action Mesothelioma Day 4th July


Action Mesothelioma Day


4th July 2014




During the Parliamentary debates on the Mesothelioma Act, the Government resisted attempts to include a levy on the insurance industry to provide funds for mesothelioma research purposes.

The Government’s own mesothelioma research proposals fail to address the historic lack of public research funding in the UK, and that whilst mesothelioma research proposals in future will have an enhanced opportunity to obtain funding, there is no new money being made available for all forms of medical research, and consequently there will be losers, with potentially valuable research missing out on funding.

By its own financial Impact Assessment document (DWP0032, 7th May 2013) on the financial consequences of the Mesothelioma Act, the Government over a 10 year period will save £52 million. There is no justification for the Government to keep this money and it should be used for mesothelioma research purposes.

A PETITION has been set up on the Government e-petition website (, (OR SIMPLY KEY IN MESOTHELIOMA or ASBESTOS at the site search box) calling on the Government to provide funding for research into asbestos related diseases. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION and pass the details of it on to friends, family and colleagues. THANK YOU.


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