First live encounter with a Greek drone

On Sunday I was in the beautiful northern Greek city of Thessaloniki. In the late afternoon the central Aristotelous Square played host to an attempt to break the mass salsa dance Rueda de Casino record. Over 1100 dancers successfully danced their way into the record books. Take a look at this great achievement on this video. Besides the great effort by all the dancers, there was another highlight. Whilst watching the video keep a look out for the flying drone that flew constantly around the square. This for me was my first live encounter with a flying drone.

It was particularly interesting in that I had only recently been informed that the Greek Aviation Authority has apparently no regulatory powers to deal with drones, although they do intend to look into their use in the near future. In contrast, the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK has powers which would have required the organisers of an event such as the mass salsa dance to need to seek permission from the CAA before a drone could be flown in such close proximity to so many people. Fortunately the Greek drone did not get carried away by the music and wish to join in the dancing!


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