The beginning of the criminal use of drone technology?

A story appearing in the Halesowen News this week on the criminal use of drones has been widely reported in the media.

In the West Midlands, an unnamed criminal has claimed that he uses a drone that he has modified with the addition of heat seeking equipment to identify houses growing cannabis. Along with fellow gang members he then proceeds either to steal the cannabis or ‘tax’ the grower.

He claims to have originally bought a drone for a couple of hundred pounds, adding a camera to it so he could spy on people through their windows. Having seen police use heat seeking equipment to identify cannabis farm houses, he was inspired to add his own heat seeking equipment to his drone.

There must be doubts over the complete veracity of the story, as why would a criminal be so open about a possible lucrative enterprise such as this? If the story is true it points to an unsurprising reality that criminals will seek to use technological developments in any way they can.


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