Shameful attitude of the UK Government to mesothelioma victims lobbying MP’s over Mesothelioma Bill

It has emerged that Conservative MP’s were supplied with a pre-written letter to send in response to any constituents who lobbied their MP’s over the Mesothelioma Bill. At present I have no information as to whether Liberal MP’s have also been using the same letter. This is utterly shameful deceit on the part of the Government and Conservative Party. Mesothelioma victims lobbied their MP’s in the hope of seeking their support over amendments to the Mesothelioma Bill that had its final reading this week, and what many will have got back was this carefully prepared letter saying it would be too costly for the insurance industry. If they were going to send out such standard letters, then they should have the common decency to say that it is a standard letter and not actually written by the MP signing it. This was a disgraceful betrayal of trust of people who are dying, and speaks volumes of those Conservative constituency MP’s who sent out the standard letter.


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