Controversial Schools Minister willing to halt work protecting children from asbestos in schools

The Guardian newspaper has reported that a leaked confidential Department for Education report shows that Schools Minister, David Laws, has agreed in principle to a cost cutting suggestion made by his Department’s officials which will lead to the effective scrapping of the Department for Education’s Asbestos in Schools Steering Group. The Group which is made up of Union representatives, local authorities, school governors, and asbestos experts, regularly meets with Department for Education officials to discuss the effective management of asbestos in schools.

The leaked Report shows that the Minister agreed in principle to the suggestion, but that it would not be implemented before he faced the House of Commons Education Select Committee in March of this year, where he was due to face questioning on asbestos in schools. Laws boss, Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, also agreed to the proposal.

David Laws it might be remembered was one of the high profile figures who was found to be fiddling their parliamentary expenses in 2010. He was forced to resign from the Government, where he had acted as Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Laws was brought back into the Government as Schools Minister in 2012.

Again the judgement of this Government Minister needs to be called into question. To in any way consider the safety of children from the risk of asbestos not to be worth the very few pounds this proposal would save is tantamount to crassness in the extreme. Think again David Laws and Michael Gove.


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