Romanticism v’s Asbestos Reality (Part 3) – the Second BBC Response

I have finally received a response from the BBC to my follow up complaint regarding how asbestos was portrayed in the Restoration Home programme. The producers of the series claim that they employed independent health and safety experts, who advised them that asbestos material is safe if left in situ and undamaged. Well even if that were true, the asbestos roof of the barn that was the subject of the programme was removed, and therefore the asbestos was not left in situ. But then according to the BBC they did not actually show the roof being removed and in fact on the day it was removed the production team were not on site. That’s okay then! And because they did not show the roof being removed they felt there was no need to make reference in the commentary to how dangerous asbestos is. But of course they did show the pile of asbestos roofing that had been left on the ground by the owners, but strangely the BBC have chosen to ignore this fact in their email to me.

Their email concludes by stating that,  In summary we would like to reassure you that all health and safety precautions were taken throughout the filming period at the property and that the entire team was appropriately briefed and equipped at all times.

That is why their architectural expert was allowed to walk across the dust filled floor of the barn as he talked to the camera!!!

Needless to say I am continuing with my complaint to the BBC.



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