Promising new research for delivery of chemotherapy treatment

Current chemotherapy treatment for mesothelioma victims comes with a number of very unpleasant side effects. Chemotherapy treatment is rather indiscriminate in that it will kill both cancerous and healthy cells alike. Jan Egerton and Mavis Nye provide graphic descriptions on their blogs of what they go through when having their chemotherapy treatment.

It is always good to hear of some positive news where mesothelioma is concerned, and this comes this week from American research published in the BMC Cancer journal. Researchers have been working on providing more targeted delivery of chemotherapy drug treatment in order that it only attacks the mesothelioma tumour cells and not healthy cells. The researchers have found that by using mesoporous silica particles which contain the chemotherapy drug, and by coating the silica particles in antibodies which can recognise the particular protein produced by the cancerous cells, this enables in effect the antibodies to direct the drug laden particles to the cancer cells. The results from the research on mice with tumours have shown much more effective targeting, with reduction in the size of the tumour achieved without loss of the animals health and weight, and also significantly less tumour cell proliferation.


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